Joey Scouts is for boys and girls aged 5–8. It focuses on fun and friendship and is a gentle introduction to a world of adventures through Scouting.

Young people can join the scouting movement at Joeys anytime after they turn 5 years old and are attending school full time.

Joeys Scouts develop and express their individuality through safe and creative adventures, using their imagination and structured play. From creative crafting, outdoors adventures and games designed to teach new skills in a simple and fun process, Joey Scouts is designed to give young people a sense of belonging and allow them to grasp an understanding of the world around them. 

Joey Scouts is the first introduction to outdoor activities and traditional scouting skills that can be applied in a fun and realistic setting. 

An important component of Joeys Scouts is encouraging the development of friendships and new relationships among their peers. Joeys gives young people the opportunity to mingle with people from all different backgrounds and learn cultural and social skills, building confidence and social interactions. 

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